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We provide a seamless process for obtaining frequencies from the FCC and securing the actual FCC authorization allowing you to operate those frequencies. Once you complete our simple application process listed below we complete the actual FCC forms, interface with the frequency coordinator on all aspects of your request and notify you when frequencies are filed with the FCC for grant. From start to finish you will be only required to sign a few forms and pay the licensing, everything else is taken care of by Surplus Two Way Radios.


FCC Licensing Services:


We have expertise in the following FCC regulations:


Are you narrowband compliant?

In December 2004, the FCC mandated that all land mobile radio users operating in UHF and VHF move to 12.5 kHz narrowband voice channels by January 1, 2013. Using narrowband channels will ensure that agencies take advantage of more efficient technology and, by reducing channel width, will allow additional channels to exist within the same spectrum space.

Licensing Form

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