HYT TC-610P-HDC-V2 VHF 5 watt 16 channel 136-174 MHz radio

HYT TC-610P-HDC-V2 VHF 5 watt 16 channel 136-174 MHz radio
HYT TC-610P-HDC-V2 VHF 5 watt 16 channel 136-174 MHz radio
Brand: Hytera
Product Code: TC-610P-HDC-V2
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HYT TC-610P HDC1200 VHF 5 watt 16 channel 136-174 MHz radio.

A Rugged Radio for Harsh Environments TC-610P with pin-touched connection interface are IP66-excellent dust-tight and protected against powerful water jets . Harsh, noisy and dusty working conditions in mega-project and construction sites may lower your efficiency and productivity by smudging the radio or shadowing the talk. TC-610P are the option customized for users in these industries. Thanks to their robust construction and the IP66 protection they can withstand even the harshest conditions. High/Low Power Switchable By simple pressing one button, users can switch to low power when communicating within limited range coverage or switch to high power when further distance is required. High transmit power optimizes range coverage while low transmit power conserves battery consumption, all at the user's control. Programmable 12.5kHz / 25kHz Channel Spacing The feature enables flexibility and easy migration of channel spacing requirements when the need arises, with no need to buy new radios. Monitor Allows users to monitor the activity on the current channel. The feature is especially helpful for receiving a weak signal. Battery Save The Battery Save feature is automatically activated once no activity on the channel and no operation performed, for extended operation time.

  • Dust/Water Protection Class IP66
  • Double Injection Molding
  • Powerful Audio and Wide Communication Range
  • LED Battery Gauge
  • PORTABLE RADIO HDC1200 UHF 450-470MHz 16CH 4W 2000mAH Battery

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