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Icom F121 MMB bracket
Item Icom mobile bracket.  approx. size 6"x3" Model Number F121 MMB Compatible..
Icom MB-130 vehicle charger bracket
The Icom MB-130 Vehicle Charger Bracket firmly holds your single Icom rapid charger in your vehicle ..
Icom OPC-607 separation cable 9.8FT for F5061DS F6061DS F1721 F2821
Included Item(s): Icom OPC-607 – 3m (9.8ft) Front Panel Detachable Separation Cable (Use w/ RMK-1..
Icom OPC-608 mobile separation cable
Icom 265.2ft. mobile separation cable Part#: OPC-608 ..
Icom OPC-609 separation cable
Icom 1.9m/6.2ft separation cable for remote mounting kits Part#: OPC-609 ..
Icom OPC-726 mobile separation cable
Icom 16.4ft separation cable Part#: OPC-726 ..
Icom OPC440 mobile microphone extension cable
Icom mobile 5m (16.4 ft.) microphone extension cable Part#: OPC-440 ..
Icom Part UT-109 01 non-rolling voice scrambler
Included Item(s): Non-rolling voice scrambler. Up to 32 codes available. Not compatible with radi..
Icom UC-FR5000 IDAS digital trunking and network controller board
IDAS Trunking/Network Controller Board The UC-FR5000 IDAS digital trunking and network controller..
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Icom UT-109 02 simple voice inversion scrambler
Included Item(s): Icom UT-109 02 32 CODE Simple Voice Inversion Scrambler Warranty: 1 Year ..
Icom UT-109R 21 Scrambler-Non Rolling
Icom UT109R 21 Scrambler-Non Rolling. Compatible models: F3021 F3061 F5011 F5021 F6061 F5121D ..
Icom UT-110 01 rolling voice scrambler
Icom UT-110 01 Rolling voice scrambler. Up to 1020 (255 codes x 4 groups) codes available. Compat..
Icom UT-110 02 rolling scrambler
Icom UT-110 02 Rolling Scrambler up to 1020 (255 codes x 4 groups. Compatible models: F70 F172..
Icom UT-110R 21 rolling voice scrambler
Included Item(s): Icom UT-110R 21 Rolling Voice Scrambler with Up to 1020 (255 codes x 4 groups) ..
Icom UT-118 D-STAR format digital voice and slow data communication
Icom D-STAR digital board UT118. The optional UT-118 provides D-STAR format digital voice and s..
Icom UT-126H 03 internal module
Included Item(s): Icom UT126H 03 Internal Module (6.25kHz digital module). Warranty: 1 Year..
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