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Icom OPC-1122 programming cable
Icom programming cable for PC to radio with RC-232S connector Compatible models: F121 F17..
Icom OPC-1132 power cable for Icom F121 F221 F6011 F5011 F5021 mobile radio
Item Power cable for ICOM MOBILE radios.    9.8ft  t style plug 12 VD..
ICOM OPC-592 programming software
Icom OPC-592 cloning cable Compatible models: FR3000 FR4000. REQUIRES OPC-478 cable...
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Icom OPC-607 separation cable 9.8FT for F5061DS F6061DS F1721 F2821
Included Item(s): Icom OPC-607 – 3m (9.8ft) Front Panel Detachable Separation Cable (Use w/ RMK-1..
Icom OPC-608 mobile separation cable
Icom 265.2ft. mobile separation cable Part#: OPC-608 ..
Icom OPC-609 separation cable
Icom 1.9m/6.2ft separation cable for remote mounting kits Part#: OPC-609 ..
Icom OPC-726 mobile separation cable
Icom 16.4ft separation cable Part#: OPC-726 ..
Icom OPC-966 programming cloning cable
Item PC to radio programming cloning cable with RC-232S connector for radios with 9-pin connector..
Icom OPC-966U USB programming cloning cable for F50 F60 F70 F80 F3161 F4161
Item Programming cloning cable with USB connector and windows driver CD. Compatible Models ..
Icom OPC1862 USB cloning cable for F9011 F9021 F9011S F9021S
Item Icom Cloning Cable with USB connector. Compatible Models F9011 and F9021 Model..
Icom OPC1939 D-Sub 15-pin ACC cable to Connects with a PC
Included Item(s): Icom D-Sub 15-pin ACC cable. Connects with a PC, external speaker, external cha..
Icom OPC440 mobile microphone extension cable
Icom mobile 5m (16.4 ft.) microphone extension cable Part#: OPC-440 ..
Icom OPC478UC USB programming cable for F24 F14 F4001 F3021S F4021T F3011 F4011
Item Icom USB programming cable 3.5mm plug for Icom 2 prong radios. Compatible Models F11, ..
Icom OPC515L DC Power Cable for Car Charger BC-119 F4161DT F50 F60 F70 F80DT
Item New Icom DC power cable for use with BC-119N. Compatible Models BC-119N, F50, F60, F70..
Icom Part UT-109 01 non-rolling voice scrambler
Included Item(s): Non-rolling voice scrambler. Up to 32 codes available. Not compatible with radi..
Icom R20 sport wide band portable receiver scanner radio
Item ICOM R20 SPORT Wide Band Handheld Receiver MODEL NUMBER IC-R20 06 Supplied accessor..
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Icom rapid charger BC-160 for F14 F24 F3011 F4011 F3021 F4021 F3161 F4161
ITEM Icom rapid charger BC-160 Includes BC-145A Power Supply Works with: F3161, F3163, F316..
Icom rapid charger BC-193 for F3001 F4001 F3101D F4104D
ITEM Icom rapid charger BC-193 FOR LI-ION BATTERIES The rapid charger has an indicat..
Icom RS-BA1 IP Remote Control Software
Transceiver + IP Network Download the RS-BA1 Quick Reference Guide (PDF) NEW FEATURE: OPTION..
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ICOM SPEAKER MIC HM159SC LG F4161 F3161 F4161DS F3161DT F4161S F70D F80 F70T
Item Icom Heavy Duty Remote Speaker Microphone w/3.5mm Jack.  HM159SC LG Compat..
Icom UC-FR5000 IDAS digital trunking and network controller board
IDAS Trunking/Network Controller Board The UC-FR5000 IDAS digital trunking and network controller..
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Icom UR-FR5000 50 VHF 136-174mhz watt 32 channel IDAS digital analog repeater and/or channel extension module
Item Icom UR-FR5000 50 VHF 136-174mhz watt 32 channel IDAS digital analog repeater and/or ch..
Icom UR-FR6000 11 32 channel 50 watt UHF 450-512mhz IDAS analog/digital bare bones repeater or channel extension module
Item Icom UR-FR6000 11 32 channel 50 watt UHF 450-512mhz IDAS analog/digital bare bones..
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Icom UR-FR6000 41 32 channel 50 watt UHF IDAS analog/digital bare bones repeater or channel extension module
Item Icom UR-FR6000 41 32 channel 50 watt UHF IDAS analog/digital bare bones repeater or cha..
Icom UT-109 02 simple voice inversion scrambler
Included Item(s): Icom UT-109 02 32 CODE Simple Voice Inversion Scrambler Warranty: 1 Year ..
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