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Motorola AAREX4617A mobile telephone style handset microphone for CDM750 CDM1250 PM400
ITEM Motorola AAREX4617A Telephone Style Handset for CM200, CM300, PM400, PM1200, CDM FM 2-w..
Motorola AARMN4017A ultra light headset with boom microphone and earbud style receiver for HT750 HT1250 HT1250LS MTX850 MTX950
Item: Motorola ultra light headset with boom microphone and earbud style receiver. Part#: A..
Motorola AARMN4025C mobile microphone with hang clip for CDM750 GTX CM200 PM400 CDM1250 CDM1550
Included Item(s): Motorola mobile microphone with hang clip. Warranty: 1 Year Replacement! ..
Motorola AARMN4032A over the head medium duty dual muff headset with noise canceling for HT1250 HT750 MTX850
Item: Motorola over the head medium duty dual muff headset with  24db no..
Motorola adjustable chest pack for portable radios
Item  Motorola adjustable chest pack for portable radios. Compatible Models HT750, HT1..
$49.99 $39.45
Motorola BDN6664A beige receive only earpiece with standard earphone earloop for EX500 EX600XLS XTS3000 XTS5000
Item: Motorola Beige Receive only Earpiece with Standard Earphone Earloop (1-Wire) . Re..
Motorola belt clip for motorola SP21 SPIRIT MV11C MV21CV MV22CV MV24CVS MU21CV
Item Belt clip for Motorola radios.  This is a spring loaded plastic belt clip. ..
Motorola EPNN7997A AC wall charger CP125, CP150, CP200 and PR400 series
Motorola EPNN7997A AC wall charger/adapter Compatible models: CP125, CP150, CP200 and PR4..
Motorola EPNN9288 rapid AC adapter for desktop tray WPLN4137AR and WPLN4199
Product Specifications: Rapid Rate Charger Transformer (U.S.) Must be used with Desktop Char..
Motorola FLN8660A accessory clamp
Motorola FLN8660A accessory clamp plug Compatible models: GTX Privacy Plus, GTX LTR radio..
Motorola GKN6271A GTX ignition sense cable.
Motorola GKN6271A GTX ignition sense cable. Compatible models: GTX Privacy Plus Mobile, G..
Motorola GLN7324A low profile mounting bracket for CM300 CM200 PM400 CDM1250 CDM750
Item Motorola low profile mounting bracket.  Compatible Model..
Motorola HAD9742A VHF 146-162 MHz antenna
Motorola HAD9742A VHF 146-162 MHz Stubby antenna Compatible models: CP150,CP200,GP30..
Motorola HCLN4013C CLS plastic radio holster with swivel belt clip
Item Motorola CLS plastic radio holster with swivel belt clip. Compatible Models CLS1000, C..
Motorola HK250 (89561N) Bluetooth Headset
Motorola HK250 (89561N) Bluetooth Headset Features: Extended roaming range up to 300 f..
Motorola HKKN4025A CLP programming cable for motorola CLP series
Included Item(s): Motorola CLP Programming Cable (HKKN4025A) for Motorola CLP Series (C..
Motorola HKKN4026A CLP cloning cable
Included Item(s): Motorola CLP Cloning Cable (HKKN4026A) connects two Motorola CLP two-way r..
Motorola HKKN4027A RM/XT/RVA programming kit for RM Series
Included Item(s): Motorola RM/XT/RVA Programming kit (HKKN4027A) RM Series. Warranty..
Motorola HKKN4028A cloning cable for RM series
Included Item(s): Motorola RM series Cloning Cable (HKKN4028A) connects two Motorola RM seri..
Motorola HKLN4433A magnetic clip
Included Item(s): Motorola HKLN4433A CLP Magnetic Clip Product Description: The HKLN4433A i..
Motorola HKLN4455A single pin PTT earpiece for CLP series
Included Item(s): Motorola HKLN4455A CLP Single Pin PTT Earpiece Product Description: The H..
Motorola HKN9327BR Ignition switch cable
Motorola HKN9327BR Ignition switch cable This ignition switch cable with a housing connector..
Motorola HKN9407A cigarette lighter adapter power cord for CDM1250 PM400 CM300 GM300 M1225
Item  Motorola cigarette lighter adapter power cord. Compatible Mo..
Motorola HKNN4013A lithium-Ion High capacity BT90 1800mAh 3.7VDC battery for CLP1010 CLP1040 CLP1060 SL7550
Included Item(s): Motorola HKNN4013A Lithium-Ion High Capacity BT90 1800mAh 3.7VDC battery ..
Motorola HKPN4007B 6 unit charger for CLP series
Included Item(s): Motorola HKPN4007B - Rapid Rate 6-Unit Multi-Unit Charger For Motorola CLP Seri..
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