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VHF SMA 136-174MHZ short antenna for Vertex Yeasu VX-160 XV-210 VX180 and more AN160S
Item Replacement SMA VHF stubby Antenna for Vertex radios. 136-174Mhz &nbs..
VHF SMA Antenna for Motorola HT1000 XTS5000 XTS2500 XTS3000 MTS2000 MT2000 and more AN1000VL
Included Item(s): VHF long antenna. Product Description: SMA type VHF long range 136-174mhz..
VHF Stubby Antenna 136-174MHZ for Motorola MV11C MV21CV SP21 MV22CVS MV24CVS and more AN68VS
Included Item(s): VHF antenna Product Description: MX type VHF 136-174mhz stubby antenna. ..
VHF Stubby antenna for Motorola HT1000 XTS5000 XTS3000 MTS2000 MT2000 JT1000 and more AN1000VS
Included Item(s): New stubby VHF 136-174mhz SMA antenna.  AN1000VS Product Descripti..
Whip 800MHZ Antenna for Motorola XTS5000 MTS2000 GTX800 XTS3000 MTX850 MTX8250 and more AN800L
Included Item(s): 800mhz whip long range antenna. Product Description: SMA type w..
Whip 900MHZ Antenna for Motorola MTX9250 GTX900 MTX9000 XTS5000 and more AN900L
Included Item(s): 900mhz long range antenna. Product Description: SMA type w..
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