Antenna Connector Chart


BNC Connector


BNC Female

BNC Male Antenna

BNC Male








NMO Connector

NMO Female

NMO w/Cable

NMO Male

Roof Mount NMO Male

NMO Male






PL259 Connector (Approximately 5/8")


PL259 Male

PL259 Male

SO239 (PL259 Female)

So239 (PL259 Female)







SMA Connector - Connects to Motorola Handhelds


SMA Male

SMA Female to BNC

SMA Male to BNC Male




Motorola Handheld to BNC



J Connector - Connects to Icom Handhelds



J-Connector Male to BNC Male







Mini-UHF Connector - (Approximately 3/8") Used on Motorola Mobile Radios


Mini-UHF Female

Mini-UHF Male

Mini-UHF Female

Mini-UHF Female






N Connector - (Approximately 5/8") Used on Icom Repeaters


N Female

N Male

N Female